On Brain Waves

Accessing the deeper mind through sound and language technologies to re-program the unconscious subroutines is a useful tool in personal development.

Your current state is a direct result of your ability to access or control your state of mind. It is easy, without control, to become agitated or highly upset about something. Those feelings rise up as does the heart rate, blood pressure, your breathing becomes faster

and often, we “lose our minds”. We end up doing something we “couldn’t control”.

There are basically four states of vibration that are found within the human brain. These are Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta (I’ve seen Gamma, too ).

Beta is most often our style of awareness. It is our day to day, not really mindfully paying attention to all the things going on “out there”, state of awareness.

Alpha is a slower vibration found in the brains of monks during meditation. It is a deeper state of awareness that is less affected by external phenomena. Alpha is a calmed, quiet alertness.

Theta is found in REM, or dreaming sleep. Here, the brain osculates to unwind internal imagery in vivid landscapes. We may fully disengage from our surroundings and environment and get lost in our internal imaginings.

Delta is dreamless, deep sleep.

We move in and out of these during the day.

We are often in Beta, going about paying attention to externals; move in and out of alpha when we imagine a face, or other memory that grabs our attention. Theta’s deep daydreaming, when we lose all track of our environment; often on the drive home on “auto pilot” as we check out until the driveway. And, if we’re lucky and get good sleep, we enter Delta and let go of the body for a few minutes so it can fix itself without us.

Through audio technologies, it is possible to directly affect the vibration of the brain to change it’s state of consciousness. By creating rhythms that correspond with the alpha and theta states, we have access to the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is a vast expanse of imaginary concepts. Notions we’ve held onto since they entered past the guardian of consciousness. Times when we are told things about ourselves, or attach our ideals to some ideology, or when we tell ourselves how we feel about us. All these thoughts, and others, get in, past our filters and develop roots within our internal programs. There are positive programs that help us achieve an amazing life with strong relationships, and there are negative programs that interfere with our goals and dreams, or happiness

If we want our lives to change in positive ways, we must write the programs within us that promote and direct us toward those goals. These create the drives and motivations that cause us to want to act and move ourselves to where we want to go and who we want to be.

Persist in the direction of your dreams.

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