Notice Disappointments

AND ACT accordingly and avoid practicing the actions that bring about less than enjoyable outcomes.

Here’s an embarrassing but honest experience and a public complaint about pizza hut. I’ve been buying from a local pizza place for years (The Pie in SLC), because I like eating and am willing to spend money to buy tasty food made by others.

One evening, I lost my mind; I don’t know what I was thinking, Likely, it was the subliminal, and not so, programming from commercials leaching in from the television. I’ve had it on recently after years without and am being bombarded with secret, and not so, messages to buy shitty things.

Anyway, I was craving pizza; like I do on the days that end in y. I got on the pizza hut website thinking how cool it would be to be able to order online… don’t. I was tempted by brownies and a flavored stuffed crust, and double the pepperoni,

I faltered and jumped in.

With a service charge and a tip, the pizza and brownies cost about 13 bucks more than the local flavor filled hearty goodness that is “The Pie” .  I opened the box and pulled out a thin, floppy, visually unappealing wedge of pizza.

The smell was short lived and lacking any tantalizing aroma that normally prepares my body for food bliss.

Having enjoyed thin crust pizza before, I was forgiving. Until my teeth slid through a soft, almost texture-less bite that gave in effortlessly between the teeth with little resistance as it nearly melted on the tongue.

The flavor, a scant wisp of spice that comes with a good pepperoni. Being hungry, and committed, I took on the stuffed crust hoping to have some glory in a firm yet yielding, wax-like structure of a good cheese…

Alas, no. The flavored crust I was anticipating was hardly more than salt and vapid herb dusted crust tube with a thin layer of tasteless coagulated protein substance attached to one side.

Then, to the brownie that tempted my pallet so easily, as brownies do.

Wrenching it from the pan in bits and crumbs, the now warm, broken brownie bits sat on my plate, ready to be savored as any good brownie should… Sacrilege! This too? Hardly a hint of chocolate graced the shallow fluff cloud of dissolving matter-less goo.

Easily, this will not happen again as The Pie is my pizzeria of choice.

Let this be a warning and remember…

Make your decisions wisely. Learn from your mistakes without regret or anchor. Move on and do better.

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