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This growing series of affordable coaching tools is designed with your personal development goals in mind. Each hypnotic audio is a short imaginative journey intended to guide the subconscious to bring about the positive behavioral changes that you are looking for.

Watching the mind movie will help to generate the visual images used during the audio, so you can close your eyes and create your own internal landscapes. When time is in demand, watching the video will bring back the suggestions presented within the audio.

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Goal setting

Setting Stones

>A Lighthouse


A Lighthouse

>Be Healthy

Eat better, exercise more

Be Healthy

>Power Nap

Power Nap is a 15 minute meditation. Beginning with a calming exercise and ending with energizing imagery. Using hypnotic language, NLP, binaural beats, isochronic tones that rise up the chakra system, and a rattle to take you deep inside your visionary landscapes. Power Nap is a great way to give yourself an invigorating break. Feel your cells tingle from head to toe as you synchronize your body with imaginary universal energetic waves.

Imagine, if you could, through your attention and calmness of mind, affect your body in positive ways. The words healing, energy, and stamina come to mind. Feel better.

What if you could, in 15 minutes, be calm and feel like you’ve had two cups of coffee?

Or more, if you want to. It’s your choice.

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Power Nap music credits-

Floating Cities Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Power Nap

>Deep Muscle Relaxation

A simple way to relax tight and painful muscles. Going inside with your imagination to let go of deep tensions and allow muscles to release.

0,Deep Muscle Relaxation


>Theta Break

I am offering this 11 minute “theta break” as a gift. A teacher coined the term and used a rattle during guided meditation sessions. I’ve enjoyed sharing this unusual tool with others.
This is recorded in 432hz with an 8hz binaural beat that can be utilized with headphones.
I hope you enjoy.


American Alliance of Hypnotists

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