Why Hypnosis Works


Simply put, hypnosis works because you want it to. The nature of hypnosis is a conscious acceptance and agreement to follow along with the script.
If there is resistance, it doesn’t work.
As you listen to a hypnotist guide your imagination into a deep state of relaxation you allow the conscious gateway to relax enough that positive suggestions are assimilated so they can change behavior patterns and habits that interfere with your desired outcomes.

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    Perhaps, they used those terms in the old days because the word 'hypnotism' had such a bad rap back then. People had images of crackpots making people bark like dogs, etc. If anyone really studies what real hypnotism is they will find it a powerful tool.

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      Like most endevours that threaten the status quo, anything that has value is usually attacked. One of the benefits of hypnosis that has great value is accessing the bodies ability to heal itself and make changes.

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    Hummm, in the old days this was just called, Creative Visualization, Guided Meditation, Mindful Manifestation, and Positive Affirmation!
    Guess they are all some form of Hypnosis... Coolness!

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      Those are definitely used in hypnosis. However, hypnosis is a deep state of concentration. It is difficult for most people to achieve this state on their own and then create affirmative imagery. This is the purpose for seeking hypnosis.
      An analogy I can think of is massaging yourself. You can do it technically. But we cannot relax the central nervous system and massage ourselves at the same time.