Conscience vs. Conscious


Conscience – refers to moral philosophy or value system.
Conscious – refers to sentience; self awareness of internal or external existence, being awake or awakened.

How do they complement each other in your perspective?
How can they be used to enhance your life and well being?
What are your personal reflections?

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    Good questions. Thank you.
    I'm a believer that consciousness is dimensional in nature. And that we can access varying "degrees" of consciousness at different times based on a variety of factors. One factor being awareness.
    We have to be aware that we can access more consciousness to be able to do it.
    I believe that conscience is partly affected by our mirror neurons, giving us compassion and empathy.
    The other factor would be the degree of consciousness we access. At "higher" stages of consciousness, we find our awareness encompasses all beings that also have consciousness, thus potentially making us more conscientious.
    I expect to add more information on consciousness, and how to access it in the not so distant future.