About Me

About Me: I don’t much like talking about myself… I was diagnosed around age 7 or eight with having high intelligence at a young age. I was put into a special class a couple days a week because having a high IQ meant I was going to be taught better in other ways, because I thought differently than others. According to the program, the hope was that I was to be shaped to use my mental gifts in ways to better serve humanity. It seems pretty altruistic. By high school, I was no longer in the special classes, don’t know if anyone else cared, and ended up being bored, and watching too much TV. I failed or barely passed most of my classes and barely graduated by skirting by. This meant, my college options were minimized and so I had few options After graduating high school, I failed to finish architectural drafting school and jumped into a world of work and study. While working low paying jobs I began studying esoteric practices like wicca, and magick. These quickly lost my interest as I began studying shamanism and quantum physics, and working as a cook both in a retirement home and a restaurant. Reading about holographic model theory, hypnosis, Taoism, esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, and many other philosophies and concepts. I realized that I was drawn toward understanding myself, as an individual being in a great Universe, and what my relationship is with it. The more I learn and develop, the more easily life becomes as I try to live by the virtues that are self-evident in practicing a mental frame resembling spirituality. I have found that the reality I am experiencing is a self-reinforcing path. At 25, I was spontaneously and deeply inspired to go to massage school; and didn’t know why. I took my classes. Passed with all but one A (the other a B), and jumped into an unknown world or being a massage therapist Around this time, I had another spontaneous and deeply inspiring thought. I wanted to become a wizard. What that meant exactly, I’m not sure. What I saw was a very older me; someone who had a great deal of knowledge and understanding. I wanted to become that person. I thought of what it would take to become both old and wise. So far, after working for more than 20 years as a massage therapist and instructor, while learning even more about the body, the mind, the spirit. In that time, I found myself drawn to learn about plants, gardening, permaculture, forest gardening, self-sufficiency and ways to reduce our footprint on the Earth. I have had the opportunity to learn much through study, work, and investigation. I like to spend my time working, studying, playing with and growing plants. In 2017, I decided I’d start this website because I have the time, thought I should use it wisely, I could always use some extra spending money, and I like sharing what I think I know, because I think it can benefit humanity. If what I have to say or how I say it doesn’t resonate with you, do not hesitate in ignoring me. If it does, I hope what I have to share is beneficial for you, keeps your interest, and you grow and profit from it.
Stacy Roland
A Wizard (Journeyman)