The Workshoppe

Welcome to A Wizard’s Workshoppe

Hi, my name is Stacy Roland.

The Workshoppe is a landing pad for seekers; a more mystical destination for personal development; a journeyman’s path towards wisdom.

This is meant for you because you are on a path of self improvement, self discovery, self mastery. Maybe, you just want to achieve your goals.

You know that life is a journey and your journey has brought you here.

The wisest of us know that we aren’t finished until our lives are finished, and that, until then, you have more to learn, and opportunities to be a better person.

I invite you to explore with me, your inner worlds and find the wizard within.

Here you will find accessible tools designed to help you change in positive ways:

  • A growing catalog of hypnotic audio and video products available for purchase. Using sound and language technologies to unwind stories that speak to the unconscious to develop habits that create actionable change in our daily lives.
  • Written works and videos to inspire personal development and understanding.
  • A place for friendly community dialog.
  • Borrowed affirmations from others to inspire and lighten your days.